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Branding VS Brand Identity

What is the difference?!!!!

BRANDING in short is the complete experience that you create around your business.

Every possible touchpoint in which a client could potentially come in contact with your brand is carefully designed to evoke a specific feeling or response. The easiest way to think about branding is that your brand is your business’s personality.

For example: Think about the last time you had a really positive spending experience.

Not just spending money, but also time or energy.

When was the last time you engaged with a business – saw a movie, went out to eat, bought some clothes, subscribed or joined a membership?

What was it about that experience that was so positive?

What makes you want to promote that business to your friends and family for free? 

That’s branding

BRAND IDENTITY refers to the visual elements that help shape that experience. This includes logos, colour palettes, typography, stationery, photography, icons, videography, music, motion graphics, print or digital marketing, signage and more.

These elements should be carefully considered during their creation in order to design the right brand identity that will effectively communicate within target client group.

Our success is no longer bound by our physical locations, making our digital presence ever more critical, and in turn, making our visual brand identity that much more valuable.

Take a moment and consider all the ways your clients engage with your brand? Websites, social media, mobile devices, digital marketing, email marketing, podcasts, audiobooks, streaming platforms, packaging and beyond.

As I post this, in the UK we are currently practising social distancing and our success is no longer bound by our physical locations. Our digital presence has now become critical, and in turn, making our visual brand identity that much more valuable.

Achieving a consistent partnership between your Branding and your Brand Identity is what makes it easy for a customer to choose you. Taking charge of both how and where your clients can engage with your brand will open up your business to exponential growth opportunities, increase conversions, and elevate your brand’s loyalty.

At the moment that engagement has to be online.

I hope this post will clarify the differences between branding and brand identity.

Before you design your brand identity, make sure to take the time to think about how you’d like to incorporate yourself into your brand, how you want your brand to make your customers feel and the experience you want them to experience.

Once you have a strong foundation in your brand, you can create your brand identity

Let me know if you’re looking for a brand designer to help you (or even just give you some advice on creating your brand identity to fit with your brand) – just send me a message x

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